“The training of horses is a never-ending process of teaching and learning. It’s a constant dialogue with one’s own experiences, the experiences of others and their horses. So the own training is not only a duty, but also the privilege of a self-respecting instructor. ”

Under the direction of dressage instructor Johan Zagers, many horses and riders have made the jump to Grand Prix level. The basis for such a success is the elaboration of a diverse and structural concept.

A week long stay in Vienna, supplemented by further courses with Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg, back then still the”Oberbereiter” at the Spanish Riding School, contact with the teacher Jan Nivelle or Reitmeister Jan Bemelmans, clinics at the DOKR in Warendorf, clinic with Richard Hinrichs, intensive and critical discussions with mastermaker, philosopher and friend of the first guards Raymond Withages, the exchange with Fritz Krümmel, instructor at the “Center for Riding Culture” at the Lengelshof in Ratingen, a permanent self check, accompanied and controlled by Hans-Peter Schmitz and Dr. Volker Moritz, gave the instructor and rider Johan Zagers the necessary incentive.

In addition to the course about the training of horses, Johan also collaborated with Matthias Boyer and Karsten Lütteken (lecturers of the Cologne Sporthochschule), as well as with Dr. Lothar Linz  (a sports psychologist) and the sports therapy center “Restle” (physician of the U21 football national team and Fortuna Düsseldorf) in terms of “fitness for the riders”.

These factors provide a great deal of input in the training of horse and rider and form the basis of a holistic concept, which – enriched with new impulses and ideas – create a sound knowledge, that is served by Johan Zagers.

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